THE BOARD of cccsd

In order to legitimately pursue the State legislature's requirements to be allowed to vote on this cityhood initiative, a formal organization had to be formed with an active Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors for Concerned Citizens for Cityhood of South DeKalb, Inc. (CCCSD) includes:

Kathryn Rice – Chair. Lives in Greenhaven District 3. Founder South DeKalb Improvement Association Inc.; Past President of Hidden Hills Civic Assoc.;  Published author on municipal incorporation; President-Building Quality Communities-community economic development.

Isaac Finley – Vice-Chair. Lives in Greenhaven District 2. Past President of Southland HOA. Retired Distribution Manager from Polaroid Corporation. Retired from U.S. Army.

Sandy Johnson - Co-Secretary, Lives in Greenhaven District 4.  Development Director for Dress for Success.

Tom Walton - Co-Secretary. Lives in Greenhaven District 5.  Member of Education Committee of Columbia Area Sustaining Neighborhood Initiative (CASNI). Equal Business Opportunity Manager at Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

Ken Blakely – Treasurer. Lives in Greenhaven District 3.  Member DeKalb Community Council District 5. Retired Certified Public Accountant for Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae).

Edward Gates Bey – Board Member. Lives in Greenhaven District 4. Grand Governor of Moorish Science Temple of America.  Retired business owner Capital City Carriage.

L. Dean Heard - Board Member. Lives in Greenhaven District 3. Was 8-year board member of 100 Black Men of Atlanta. Medical Physicist - Business owner.

Ari Meier - Board Member. Lives in Greenhaven District 4. Musician in COLORadio. IT Specialist in Social Media.

Charlie Tolliver - Board Member.  Lives in Greenhaven District 4. Member of Greenforest Baptist Church. Retired after 42 years as Women's Health Nurse Practitioner at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Hakim Yamini - Board Member.  Lives in Greenhaven District 1. Vice Chair of Islamic Business Association of Atlanta/New Africa Business Association of Atlanta.  Was Vice-Chair of Atlanta Empowerment Zone Corporation. Community Development Consultant.


We give special thanks to Kenneth Charles, Debbie Harris, and Kesha McCartha who participated on the board and ably supported the efforts to make Greenhaven a city.

Along with our board, a core of volunteers, supporters and advocates are getting more strongly organized to better inform and engage our entire south DeKalb community. 

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