Click here for the Greenhaven Economic Development Vision/Plan developed by Kathryn Rice, Ph.D.  The approach combines several perspectives - economic development (wealth building) with planning (land-use building); community (resident interests) with business (commercial interests); and an environmental (asset-based focus) with land-use perspective (zoning focus).  It is a new model to stimulate economic revitalization, planned growth and community involvement, each of which at this time in proposed Greenhaven are underdeveloped. 


Click here for Greenhaven Feasibility Study conducted by University of Georgia Carl Vinson Institute.  The study estimates a $27 million dollar excess revenue. Questions about the study and the fiscal impact of Greenhaven can be found under the FAQ section.


Click here for the Greenhaven Charter presented to the GA General Assembly in 2015 as HB613 and SB221. A meeting open to all citizens was held on February 28, 2015 to review each detail of the Charter. Votes by the citizens were taken and changes were made to the Charter.  The Charter contains good governance measures such as 2 term limits, an independent audit, citizen approval of Council salary increases, citizen appointments to the Board of Ethics, and residency requirements for key officials. It also contains a required community participation component called Community Area Planning Units (CAPUs), modeled after Atlanta's Neighborhood Planning Units. You can be proud of a Charter that is unique to the metro Atlanta region.